Biker Babe glam

20 Jan
Biker Babe glam

Kin by John Lewis v neck tee
$25 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors moto jacket
$820 –

Snap bracelet
$9.85 –


Martha Stewart Weddings — Darcy’s Weddings Idea of the Day

19 Apr

I’m a sucker for butter! I know it’s terrible for you, but it brings so much flavor to a dish. My fav? Kerrygold. They have a garlic herb stick that is to die for.
Like Paula would say, “Everything is better with butter!” BUT she has trimmed down quite a bit. Luckily I have to.


Easy Gourmet
Butter Recipes

Martha Stewart Weddings — Darcy’s Weddings Idea of the Day.

It’s Festival Season!

5 Apr


Coachella and Stagecoach Festivals May Expand to Five Events

Going to Coachella this year? Eater LA made a list of “Where to Drink in the Desert

They also have a food line up list that will make your mouth water. “Within the centrally located F&B area known as The Terrace one will find a beer garden and offerings from area restaurants like Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Las Casuelas Quinta, Baohaus (known for Huang’s Taiwanese Chicken), Pink’s Hotdogs plus Jamaican Vegetarian, Wood Fired Pizza, Just Tossed Organic Salads and Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches.” Read more

Here are a couple that are happening in Oklahoma:


Bands like Guns & Roses, Bush, and Alice & Chains will be performing in Pryor, Oklahoma.


-Free to the public. To my understanding it sounds like stages will be set up throughout Downtown Norman. This festival focuses on local bands. Nothing mainstream it seems.

GENTLEMEN OF THE ROAD TOUR (sold out kiddies, sorry!)

-One of 5 stops! Here is a list of things to do in Guthrie

26 Feb

I never thought I would miss seafood as much as I do now. Living in Oklahoma isn’t terrible by any means. I just miss the fresh stuff! Fish tacos are different here. Sushi isn’t the same. Ahhh… I can’t wait till my visit back home in March. I seriously. Cannot. Wait.

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My New Obsession: Restaurant Groups

5 Feb

I love to eat out and try new things. A testament to this is my yelp profile.

When I think of good eats, I think of successful  restaurant groups. When you try to google “restaurant groups”  the wikipedia definition describes a leading British Chain. That is not exactly what i was looking for! So, what exactly is a good description that I can use? How about a collection of restaurants grouped under one single proprietor? That makes sense right?

Here are a couple restaurant groups that are on my radar now.

– Founded in 1995, Stephen Starr’s restaurant group is one of the fastest growing multi-concept restaurant companies in the country. STARR is the genius behind Buddakan, Morimoto, and Butcher and Singer.  Washington DC can look forward to Le Diplomate which is set to open next month. Man, all of their websites are really really neat! I suggest you go to the STARR main page and have a field day with all of his properties. You’ll be impressed I think!

  • A Good Egg– I recently moved to Oklahoma and was quite impressed with A Good Egg. Kitchen No 324 is a great addition to the downtown OKC area and is always packed during the lunch hour. Tucker’s Onion Burgers is known for sourcing locally grown product- bread, vegetables, milk, meat (think farm to table). I still need to try Republic, Cheevers and Red Prime.
from Kitchen 324

from Kitchen 324

  • Thomas Keller– How can I talk about restaurant groups and fail to include Thomas Keller? From the New York Mag, “The food is beautifully conceived, elegantly presented, and as varied as the colors of the rainbow.” He is simply the best of the best. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve enjoyed myself at Bouchon in Vegas. I am dying to try French Laundry, Ad Hoc and per se.20090615_cookiesandcream_560x375
  • DMG Group– The Dave Magrogan Group is actually a full service consulting, marketing and management company. They own Kildare’s Irish Pub chain, Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House and Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar. I spent some time in Dublin and really fell in love with Irish culture. Though I have never stepped into any of DMG’s restaurants, I recently started following Harvest because of their seasonal menu and use of saffron on mussels. It just sounds good!


  • Fox Restaurant Concepts– Last but not least! The creators of True Food Kitchen. Love! It’s crazy to think they only started in 1998. They are more well known in Arizona for places like The Arrogant Butcher, Modern Steak, Culinary Dropout and The Green House. Each restaurantis themed and priced just right.


Now that I’ve given you 100 ways to indulge in probably 5+ states across the country, let me know what you think. I’ll be reading your reviews on Yelp!

Taylor Swift Sweet

14 Dec
I’m not one of those crazy Taylor Swift fans, but I think she can serve as inspiration for this board. She is the girl everyone adores, but her two recent Hollywood glam looks on the red carpet have me thinking she has an inner wild side!
This set was suppose to go on my fashion blog, but since it’s here…. I’m keeping it!
Taylor Swift Sweet


Rachel zoe

Color block handbag
$42 –

Satchel handbag
$40 –

My love for Spam (and other canned meats)

12 Dec


Last night I made fried rice. The meat of choice for me has always been Spam- my mom taught me this way, and I will continue to hold this tradition and pass it down to my family. People call it Hawaiian Fried Rice. Naturally I had leftover Spam.

Today’s lunch consisted of a cup and a half of steamed white rice, 3 medium sized Butter Lettuce leaves, a can of low sodium V8 and two slices of SPAM. Yes, SPICED HAM, the other canned lunch meat! To my dismay, one of my co-workers walked by and asked what I was eating. She was shocked, appalled even. My boss was right there and said it’s really good- as I agree. There is nothing wrong with eating canned meat, especially Spam. I thank the great state of Hawaii for developing this “portable snack.”

Why does Spam freak people out? During recession fueled times, this meat was affordable for everyone! If you eat Tuna, then why not try Spam? The Food Network even has a recipe for Spam Musubi! My boyfriend dislikes it because it smells and looks like wet catfood. I actually beg to differ on that one.

Articles for your amusement:

SlashFood- Spam:  Love it or hate it?

History of Spam Musubi

Great Way to Make Musubi From Momofukufor2